#NLS8 trip, scuttled

Well,  I was really excited to attend the New Librarian Symposium this year…
…but I have decided not to go.

What was I excited for? 
In short I was really excited for two workshops on the Thursday.  One from Tim Sherratt on finding meaning within datasets and Matt Finch‘ “Battle for Library Island” on gamification of Library services to find freedom to explore complex problems.   The conference convenors  Sally and Amy along with their committee have put together a quality packed programme.

Why I decided not to go:
Unfortunately I have had a rather bad run of 6 weeks worth of persistent sinusitis (mixed in with a case of bronchitis) which has been more energy sapping that I would like to admit.  Kind of like a falcon punch to the nose,  whilst half awake for 6 weeks, with a couple of weeks of a rattly cough.  It has been awful,  and at times all rather dreary.  But enough of that,  some thanks are in order.

Thanks,  really:
Special thanks to the local LIANZA (Hikuwai: Northland-Auckland’) group who were good enough to offer support in the form of funding, although I did not accept it in the end.

Some interesting content:
I have found some material perhaps in part to fill in the lost experience.
I enjoyed these,  and perhaps you will too.

Tim Sherratt: “The perfect face” – NDF 2015

Matt Finch: “The book of the world: crossing boundaries in culture and outreach”
VALA 2014

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